The easy way to describe Chi Alpha would be to say that it’s a Christian “club” that meets once a week on Tuesdays – but we’re a lot more than that.


We’re the friend who will pick you up at the airport or come get you when you run out of gas.


We’re the friend who is going to laugh with you until 3am.


Midnight hike to watch shooting stars? We’re down.


If you have questions about your faith, Jesus or the Bible, we’re going to find the answer with you.


If you don’t – we still want to hang out. Looking for meaningful conversations and prayer? Done and done.


Life can be messy and complicated – we find authentic community is the best remedy.


When God puts a big dream on your heart – we put on the pom poms and become your #1 cheerleader. We’re the coach that wants to get you ready for life – and we think you’re ready to go in for the big game.


Some say Chi Alpha is not for the faint of heart – why don’t you come see for yourself?


Check out our weekly gatherings, events, or Connect Groups to see what we're talking about! 

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