Senior, Media & Film Production

Chi alpha is family. My favorite part about Chi alpha was hanging with genuine people who are going after God. My advice to an incoming freshman is to get involved in community and try to connect with as many people as possible!


Junior, Business Sustanibility

FOMO, also known as fear of missing out; when I got to college, I put myself into the whole “college experience”, not missing a thing because that was how my life always was. But then I met the people in Chi Alpha and they opened my eyes to the greatest gift I have ever received. I knew who God was and believed he was my creator but I had no personal relationship with Jesus and I almost knew I wasn’t going to Heaven because “I wasn’t chosen for that.” But I learned to love my God and they helped me create a growing relationship with my Lord; God turned my life around because those crazy people I call my family opened my eyes and helped me believe that He did chose me for this.


Senior, Journalism Major

Anxiety, comparison, resentment and control – four words depicting issues and areas of growth that I was drowning in before learning more about God’s love in Chi Alpha. I still face those issues each and every day, but they have blossomed into areas of growth. Before college and before Chi Alpha I lived my life for me mostly. I bought into “just do what makes you happy”, and with a broken narrative – divorced parents, lack of self-love and anxiety-driven resentment and control – all I wanted was happiness. The community of ASU Chi Alpha has taught me to count it all joy.

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Chi Alpha is a campus ministry at Arizona State University! Anyone who is college aged is welcome! They say Chi Alpha can't be explained- only experienced. Read a couple experiences below!  

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